My name is Erik Ballesteros and I am a passionate costume designer within the South Texas area.

I have made an appearance at the AKon 26 costume contest where my team won a judge’s award for our performance of “Old Timer Barrel Roll” as the entire Star Fox and Star Wolf team.


I am a junior undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin studying Aerospace Engineering. My greatest goal in life is to become the first person on Mars.

While maintaining and improving my professional work experience, I enjoy many activities and hobbies tailored to my contentment of building and innovating. I have a deep fascination in the ways that various objects operate. By learning various skills across different industries, I continue to improve my worth as a valuable asset. I believe that my diverse knowledge base is precisely what is needed for the astronauts of tomorrow.

In parallel to my schooling, I am also a Pathways co-op at NASA where I have had opportunities to work as a Flight Controller for the International Space Station, a designer for the upcoming Mars lander, and a test subject / engineer for the upcoming new Martian spacesuit.


Erik Ballesteros at the NASA Johnson Space Center Mission Control Center

With plenty of engineering expertise, I take my hobby of costume crafting to a whole new level. While you have your typical artist make their costumes look gorgeous, I focus on finding new and innovative ways to develop and manufacture operational suits. In addition, I develop costumes with high fidelity to their fictional counterparts and with high durability for repeatable uses.